We help you to develop your business within Turkey and all over the World. Either we can be your global trade department or you can assign specific duties of your departments.


We provide you all sorts of consultancy in order to make your business grow. We add value to your company with our services of monitoring, marketing, procurement, logistic and many more.


Like many companies we do trading as well; we import and export products. We also do transit trade by procuring from one country and sell to another one.




Wallstreet Foreign Trade Center presents a new vision to its partners in
import and export fields

Determination of correct markets with correct buyers and sellers, up-to-date legislation, smooth completion of international logistics operations and ensuring accurate and effective financing is a must for a successful foreign trade processes.
Companies has to allocate resources for consultancy, suppliers, contractor companies or build crowded foreign trade teams in their own structures in order to maintain their foreign trade transactions smoothly and completely and to reach different geographical regions.
Wall Street proposes a solution to all its business partners. Company offers a value-oriented service in all aspects of foreign trade with its competent work force, professional management understanding and contemporary vision.

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Expands its portfolio by following opportunities in different sectors
especially in food products




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Follows the innovations in the changing and transforming world
and produces new strategies

  • We look forward to seeing you in Gulfood.

    Gulfood, being the world’s largest annual food and beverage exhibition, promotes trade and commerce and attracts food and beverage professionals from across the globe. Taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre on Feb 18th-22nd, this year’s exhibition promises to be the best yet; bringing together insights and activities to facilitate decision making processes of global…

  • Dairy Farms’ Production Costs Substantially Lower

    Dairy farmers substantially decreased their costs of milk production in 2015, according to new results in the International Farm Comparison Network’s (IFCN) Dairy Report 2016. Strong cost reductions took place in Western Europe and Central and Eastern European countries due to exchange rate and post-quota effects, while costs were stable or rising in China, India and…

  • Celebrating at School

    Another September has ended, and with it, School Milk Day, a celebration of dairy in schools worldwide. Since its launch in 2000, World School Milk Day has grown to become an event that is celebrated in over 40 different countries around the world. This year, events ranged from contests and sporting events, to campaigns to…

  • Robots are coming

    Last week I attended an event at the University of Lincoln’s National Centre for Food Manufacturing, hosted by OAL, to hear how robotics and automation are set to change the future of food processing. Worldwide shipments of multipurpose industrial robots were forecast to exceed 207,000 units in 2015, up from around 159,000 in 2012. Demand…

  • Store Displays Decrease Milk Quality

    Display cases and grocery stores increasingly use LED lights, and that’s bad news for milk drinkers, according to a new study. Cornell University researchers in the Department of Food Science found that exposure to light-emitting diode (LED) sources for even a few hours degrades the perceived quality of fluid milk, more so than the microbial…

  • What’s Halal?

    With Ramadan — the month-long Muslim fasting holiday that runs from June 5 to July 5 — set to begin next week, now is the perfect time to learn about the Muslim way of eating (and not eating). All around the site this month, we’re engaging in a spirit of curiosity, answering your questions about…

  • Dairy Consumption Predicted to Show Steady Growth

    The global dairy market outlook will remain weak throughout 2016, but with more upward pressure on prices as we head into 2017, according to the Rabobank Global Dairy Quarterly Q1 2016 report. Global dairy commodity US dollar prices have continued to stumble along a market floor largely determined by the level of EU intervention support.…

  • Glanbia launches €100m milk fund

    Glanbia Co-operative Society, the Ireland Strategic Investment Fund, Rabobank and Finance Ireland has announced the planned creation of a new €100 million ‘Glanbia MilkFlex Fund’. The fund will offer flexible, competitively priced loans to Glanbia milk suppliers with loan repayments, which can vary according to movements in milk price. This is the first fund of…

  • Waste not the kefir

    The Natural Products Expo West in California with its 3,000 exhibitors and 77,000 retail visitors, had something for everyone last week. The range covered everything from microorganisms to the farm as a super-organism, to full-fat dairy and using every bit of the process for products. One of the exciting trends for dairy was full fat…

  • Cheese awards creates hope

    As the dairy industry continues to experience challenging times, the UK based Guild of Fine Food, organiser of the World Cheese Awards, is creating a significant opportunity for British cheese to play a central role in front of a worldwide audience. The World Cheese Awards will this year be part of a huge celebration in…

  • EU Ministers Highlight Continued Crisis in Dairy Sector

    During a meeting of the EU’s Agriculture and Fisheries Council this week, Ministers took stock of the agricultural market situation, in particular the current difficulties in the milk and pig sectors. Martijn van Dam, Dutch Minister for Agriculture and the President of the Council, said: “Several members expressed their concerns and made clear the market…

  • Goat is growing

    Although the dairy market is largely made up worldwide of cow milk, there is also significant trade in “alternative” milks, such as sheep, goat, camel and even donkey. As consumers develop a keener sense of wanting new and natural, the idea of goat milk and resulting products continues to gain currency. Indeed, goat milk can…

  • Fats and oils outlook good

    Partially hydrogenated oils (PHOs) – once common ingredients in foods ranging from chocolate candy to frozen pizza – are nearing the end of the line as part of the US food supply, but the global outlook for fats and oils remains positive, according to new analysis from IHS, a global source of critical information and…

  • New Opportunities for Dairy Exports to Iran

    Over the past week, the UK and New Zealand have both highlighted the opportunity for exporting dairy products to Iran. The opportunity has arisen following the lifting of trade restrictions and the elimination of UN sanctions on Iran. New Zealand’s Fonterra welcomed the move. “Iran is a valuable trading partner and a key butter market…

  • Global organic dairy market outlook

    Technavio’s latest report covers the present scenario and growth prospects of the global organic dairy products market between 2015 and 2019. The report suggests that market revenue for the global organic dairy products market is to grow at a CAGR of more than 11%. Valued at $15 billion in 2014, the global organic dairy market…

  • British food unit set to boost exports

    A Great British Food Unit has been established to boost UK food exports and support industry growth plans, such as increasing manufactured food exports to £6 billion by 2020. Announced by environment secretary Elizabeth Truss, the launch will back industry targets to further boost exports and support more British companies – such as Taylors of…

  • More Protests Highlight Dairy Crisis Across Europe

    EU – Numerous protests and symbolic demonstrations have been held across Europe by member organisations of the European Milk Board (EMB), to highlight the dairy price crisis. The protests are part of a day of action run with the slogan “Your policy ruins dairy farmers.” Farmers took to the streets in their tractors, protest letters were…

  • Labneh with Tomatoes, Pesto, and Tapenade

    My inspiration for this recipe comes from a dip I enjoyed at the boisterous Jerusalem restaurant Machneyuda. There, Chef Uri Navon serves several colorful spreads in a single bowl, and the result, which resembles a painter’s palette, is both playful and renegade. I start with a base of creamy labneh, then top it with generous…

  • Fake Cheese Floods Russian Stores

    A little over a year after Russia banned imports of high-quality European dairy products, the country’s agricultural watchdog has said that almost 80 percent of the cheese in Russia’s shops is fake. Local production of dairy goods boomed after the Kremlin responded to Western sanctions with a food import embargo. But many producers have been…

  • China’s New Diet Demands a Global Food Chain

    CHINA – The changing diet of the Chinese population means that self-sufficiency is no longer a viable aim for the country, according to a new report released by PwC. China is eating more and more meat, as the daily animal calorie intake more than doubled per person since 1991 as wealth rose. Soft commodity foodstuffs…

  • Bosnian Processor Builds Plant With Eye on Turkish Market

    BOSNIA AND HERZOGOVINA – Bosnian meat processor Menprom has launched the construction works on a new facility in Gornja Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The move is related to the firm’s plans to boost its market presence abroad. Under the plan, the new meat processing and packaging facility is to enable the Bosnian company to launch…


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